Posting Course Evaluations

Thanks to a brief Twitter exchange a week or so ago, I’ve decided to make past course evaluations available here.  The syllabi are included in order to give the comments some context and to fill out the picture one might get of my teaching.  I’ve chosen to keep it fairly recent (Fall 2011-Fall 2012), since I imagine my style and method has changed somewhat over the years I’ve been offering these courses.  (I’m not holding back bad ones!)

The point of this exercise is to give current and future students (and anyone else) a sense of my expectations and practices, a sense of what they might expect from me, and an idea of what they might get out of the course.  And to get helpful feedback/constructive criticism from anyone interested enough to offer it.  Plus I do think that if I’m going to advocate for teaching and learning in the humanities, I should demonstrate what I do in a more public way.

I’ll be filling out the collection as I go, and replacing old evaluations (and syllabi) with new ones when more recent iterations come up — and I’ll post the evals from the courses I’m teaching right now once the semester wraps up.  As always, comments welcome.