Where I’ll Be: MLA 2017 Edition

I’m writing this from the Grand Hall of the Philadelphia Convention Center on the first day of MLA.  (Welcome to my town!)

Over the next few days, I’ll be dividing my time among a few interests:

  • As Editor of The Space Between and incoming Mentoring Coordinator for the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, I’ll be helping to manage the Chat with an Editor event, and holding a slot of my own (Saturday at 10am).
  • I’ll be speaking on a roundtable about modernism and comics on Friday morning (8:30):  “Reading and Seeing Modernism and Graphic Narrative:  Form, Medium, Aesthetics”.  I’ll also be in the audience for “What Next?:  Adventures in Episodic and Serial Form.”
  • I’ve picked out a couple of great-looking sessions on archive studies as well as modernist studies—if you’re working on something you think might work for The Space Between, let me know!  You can check out the most recent issue here.
  • Finally—heading off right now to “Feminism, Pedagogy, and the New Modernist Studies,” one of our #teachingmodwomen sessions.  Check out the preview here!