Inspired by this piece by Ryan Straight on ProfHacker, I will take on the #365papers in 2018 challenge.

Here are my thoughts/guidelines:

  • I’m on sabbatical for the spring, with book projects to be wrapped up by the end. This challenge will help me keep research and writing going throughout the year, beyond the sabbatical and deadlines and into the fall semester.
  • To consider myself caught up as of this posting, I’ll count all the essay drafts I’ve been reading over the last two weeks for the volume I’m editing for MLA on teaching modernist women’s writing.
  • BUT: starting now, papers I would be reading anyway for the projects I’m working on do not count.  That means finding a paper a day beyond, outside the work I’m doing for deadlines.  Why?  Because I want to use the challenge to get outside my to-do list and into the wider field.  I’m thinking of it as an exercise in discovery, which can be a challenge itself when we’ve got our heads in our own projects.
  • I also see this wider reading benefiting my work as the Editor of The Space Between: keeping up with recent publications in the journals we’re in conversation with (something I’ve thought about since a session on publishing trends in late 19th/early 20th century studies at MLA).
  • I’ll record my reading here, with weekly Twitter updates.  Ideally, I’ll do my challenge paper later in the day or in the evening, after I’ve done project/deadline work (writing earlier in the day through the late afternoon works best for me).

Week One: 1/14–1/20

Bellew, Paul Bradley.  “‘At the Mercy of Editorial Selection’: Amy Lowell, Ezra Pound, and the Imagist Anthologies.”  Journal of Modern Literature, vol. 40, no. 2, 2017.