Fall 2017 Courses

  • ENGL 101: Reading, Thinking, Writing
  • ENGL 314: Graphic Narrative
Featured Projects
ENGL 313:  Special Topics in Narrative Film:  A student’s final project on American Cinema of the 1970s
ENGL  361:  British Literature 1945–Present:  My first experiment with a dynamic syllabus
Literature of the Great War:  New Approaches“:  A WordPress site built by the students of ENGL 301
Courses in Rotation
ENGL 101: Reading, Thinking, Writing [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2017]
ENGL 120: Film as Narrative [syllabus | evaluations; Spring 2015]
ENGL 134: British Literature II [syllabus |evaluations; Spring 2017]
ENGL 301: Methods of Literary Study [syllabus | evaluations; Spring 2016]
ENGL 313: Special Topics in Narrative Film [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2015]
ENGL 314: Graphic Narrative [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2017]
ENGL 315: Life Writing [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2013]
ENGL 340: Major Author Study: Tristram Shandy [syllabus | evaluations; Spring 2013]
ENGL 356: Victorian Literature [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2013]
ENGL 360: British Literature, 1890-1945 [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2014]
ENGL 361: British Literature 1945-Present [syllabus | evaluations; Spring 2017]
ENGL 409: Senior Seminar: Ulysses [syllabus | evaluations; Fall 2016]

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