The Comics of Alison Bechdel

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Image-front-cover_rb_modalcover The Comics of Alison Bechdel:  From the Outside In contains an array of critical essays on the comics of Alison Bechdel, offering new examinations of her entire body of work.

The collection takes as its starting point the phrase “from the outside in,” and looks at Bechdel from several perspectives:  Bechdel as an outsider and her changing position in the world of comix/comics and beyond; her investigation of interior life and its relationship to the outside world; and her many modes of drawing, writing, and performing queerness.  Essays from interdisciplinary perspectives are on offer, including critical approaches from comics studies, art history, cultural studies, material culture, print culture, life writing, queer theory, trauma studies, psychoanalytic theory, history of sexuality, archive studies, and adaptation studies.