The Web: Selections

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“Janine Utell on Alison Bechdel and Significance of LGBTQ & Nonbinary Comics,” Professor LatinX (listen)

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“Reading The Waste Land with the #MeToo Generation: Voice,” Modernism/modernity PrintPlus (read)

“What Happens When We Study Our Own Teaching,” Teaching in Higher Ed (listen)

“Making a Space for the Digital and the Scholarly,” Hybrid Pedagogy (read)

“Redefining Service for the Digital Academic,” Hybrid Pedagogy (read)

“Intimacies in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: The Case of Joan,” The Comics Grid (read)

“James Joyce, Intertextuality, and Memoir,” The Comics Grid (read)

“Twelve Hours of Writing a Day,” Inside Higher Ed (read)

“Leadership Lessons from Mudwoman,” Inside Higher Ed (read)

“What The Food Network Can Teach Us About Feedback,” Inside Higher Ed (read)

“Tuning Out the Noise,” Inside Higher Ed (read)

“Humanism and the Humanities:  What It Means To Be a Mentor,” Inside Higher Ed (read)

“Thoughts on Summer Writing,” personal blog archive (read)

“Reimagining Revise and Resubmit,” personal blog archive (read)